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Official Community of Christ Taco Stand Website!



     ‘Texas Tacos’ were first introduced to Winnebago County Fairgoers back in the 1960s

by the McCanse family as a way to raise money to send their five children to college.

In 1969 the taco stand was given to the Rockford congregation and for the past 45

years it has been a constant sight near the grandstand. Somewhere along the line the

‘Texas’ was dropped and they are now known among regular fairgoers as ‘church tacos’

or ‘Jesus tacos’ or simply ‘fair tacos’.


Why are they so popular?

As one very loyal customer put it, “They must be made and filled with love to be so yummy!”

She’s right. They are filled with love and made with

a whole lotta faith!

2018 Taco Stand Dates:


Pec Things:

Pecatonica, Illinois

May 19 & 20, 2018

September 15 & 16, 2018

Winnebago County Fair


Pecatonica, Illinois

August 15-19, 2018




Profits benefit:


Rockford Rescue Mission, Carpenter's Place, Juvenile Diabetes Research, Breast Cancer Research, Youth Mission Trips, Youth Camps/Retreats, Family Summer Gatherings, Leadership Retreats, Outreach International

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