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Church Network login:

Please click the link below to login into the church network 





Live Webcast Info:


For the best viewing experience, we recommend:

  • High speed internet (Cable, DSL, etc.)

  • Only your web browser open (close other applications)


Live Webcast is available from around 10:25 AM CST until around Noon CST.


You may message the Media Team during live Webcasts via the contact form above or Facebook page private message. Please let us know if you are experiencing low volume or other issues.


Note: We have changed our Webcast Provider and are now using YouTube. If you have bookmarked the old link, please delete that bookmark and bookmark this new link.


The link for the Live Webcast is 


Note: Not every service is webcasted. Prior notice of at least 1 hour will be given on the Facebook page and website announcements section. 




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